Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Official!!

It's Official!! I'm back in the paper crafting industry and I couldn't be any happier!! I disappeared for a while, my son was born in November 2011 and had a very rough start. We rushed him to Akron Children's Hospital at 3 weeks old and he was diagnosed with Salmonella Meningitis. Not at all what a mother and father are prepared to hear but it was our reality. He was home 2 days before Christmas with an IV in his arm to administer meds for 6 weeks. We were so happy for him to be home and loved every minute with him! It wasn't long after the treatments ended that we realized that this was not over.
Caden had developed seizures and the treatments were not working. After being monitored in ICU for the evening, he was headed to surgery to have his brain "washed" to remove the infection and get a handle on the disease that was taking over his body. We watched as they placed him on the ventilator and wheeled him in for surgery. His chances of survival were small and we waited for a miracle. A man whom I can never thank enough, greeted us in the waiting room when he was finished and told us that Caden did amazing and they are hopeful that this will get him better, as I cried from sheer happiness, I was not prepared for the sight of my baby boy after surgery.
He was cut in a zig-zag pattern from ear to ear with around 100 staples in his head. It was something that I would never be prepared for. I was so thankful that he was alive, he was a true fighter and was determined to stay with us!!
Caden improved daily and came home in mid-February, he received IV meds in a chest tube this time around and was 100% clear of infection after the 6 weeks of treatment. Later, we discovered that a shunt was the best option for him due to some parts of his brain not working properly. He is know a VERY active almost 3 year old and I couldn't imagine my life without him!!!
This year my 2 girls are off to school all day and its now my time to get back into my paper crafts business with my little guy by my side!! Stay Tuned, I'm kicking off with an amazing Folio project that I designed!!

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